Holiday Decorations & Accessories


We have a large selection of wreaths of hand-decorated wreaths.  The wreaths are decorated here at the farm and come in 24″, 36″, and 48″ sizes. 

Roping & Garland

We offer roping (garland) in 25 foot rolls.  These are great for decorating areas such as awnings, garages, pillars, decks, or porches. 

Tree Stands

The main tree stand we sell is the Cinco brand.  It comes in 3 sizes.  We’ve tried several types of stands over the last 65 years and have found these to be the most practical.  They hold a lot of water, are easy to set up and adjust, are stable, accept nearly any size tree base and branches, and have a lip near the base to catch any water spills.  Here is a short video with instructions on how to assemble and set up your tree with a Cinco stand.

In the past we’ve sold the “Mitchell” style stand.  This stand has a spike in the center.  A hole is drilled in the bottom of the tree and the tree then rests on the spike.  It’s more difficult to get a straight hole drilled so we’ve moved away from this stand.  We still, however, have the drill machine and will gladly drill a hole for you if you still have this stand.  Be sure to let us know you need a hole drilled before we bale up your tree.  

Branches & Boughs

We generally have extra branches and boughs of multiple species available.  We include these free with any tree purchase.

Additional Items

We also have spruce tree tops, red-twig dogwood, and tree bags (great for removing your tree from your house at the end of the season).