Reservations are required for visiting our Christmas tree farm.  Reservations help manage crowds, parking, staffing, customer lines, and overall tree availability.  More info and FAQ’s are below.

The 2024 reservation system will open in early fall.  Please Join our email list or follow us on Instagram and Facebook for latest news.

    — CUT-YOUR-OWN tree reservation link (available in fall 2024)

    — PRE-CUT tree reservation link (available in fall 2024)

Why are reservations required?

As our business has grown it is the best way for us to manage parking and the available number of trees we have for sale each year.  Reservations help balance the volume at the farm and reduces crowds, waiting in lines at checkout and tie-on, and increases safety.  It also helps us communicate the remaining tree availability to you before you drive to the farm.  The usual festive energy and hustle-and-bustle of the farm is still there but it’s a more relaxed, enjoyable, and smooth atmosphere.  

What is the reservation process?

Reservations are required all season for both pre-cut and cut-your-own trees.  You can pick the date and time that works for you through the online scheduling link on our website.  We typically open up the reservation site around mid-October each year but please consider following us on Facebook or Instagram or join our email list to get the latest updates.  Making a reservation only takes a couple minutes.  You will then get a booking confirmation and a reminder email and/or text before your reservation.  Within the email there are links if you need to cancel or reschedule at any time.  

What if my preferred time is full?

Same-day cancellations often open up so keep checking back periodically.  Unfortunately our system does not have a wait-list.  Another option is to cut the tree earlier and store it in a cool, shady spot at your house until you’re ready to set it up.  The tree will be just as fresh as if you cut it the same day.  Trees are different than a fresh-cut flower…it won’t start to lose freshness until it is brought into your house and set up.  As an example, most of our pre-cut trees are cut in mid-November and they last just as long as a cut-your-own.  We’ve been cutting pre-cuts this way for over 70 years without any issues.  

Just be sure to make another fresh cut before setting it up. And if you don’t have a saw, just put the trunk of the tree in a bucket of water (or your stand) when you get home from the farm and then pour out the water before you bring it into your house.  

What if I want more than one tree or just a wreath?

If you are planning to cut multiple trees please make a reservation for each tree and family.  You can reserve them within the same time slot as there are multiple openings within each time.  Please also make a reservation if you are just buying a wreath, garland, stand, etc.  It helps us know how much staffing to have and it allows us to communicate the remaining availability before you come to the farm.

Can I reserve a certain specie or height of tree?

A reservation ensures we’ll have trees available for you but it doesn’t guarantee a specific height or specie.  We sell trees of all heights and species throughout the season but the remaining selection will of course change as the season goes on.  First come, first served.  All of the cut-your-owns are available from the start of the season and the tallest ones usually are cut in the first half of the season.  The pre-cuts selection, however, is constantly changing as we bring new trees out to the display area throughout the season.  

We will update the remaining tree availability chart on our homepage at least once at day and often more frequently.  We will reference this chart in your booking email and reminder email so that you know what trees are still left before you head to the farm.  

Does a reservation mean I can I come pre-tag a tree?

No, we don’t allow pre-tagging anymore.  We used to allow customers to pre-tag but stopped a couple years ago.  A reservation is for a time to come during the selling season and cut-your-own or select a pre-cut tree.  

Is there a fee or deposit for reservations?

No, we don’t require a fee or advance deposit to make a reservation.  Please…if you aren’t able to make your reservation be sure to cancel or reschedule so another family has a chance to take your spot.  

What if there is bad weather?

We have experienced almost every kind of weather over 60+ seasons and we have very rarely had to close for a day.  If we do need to close we will notify you via email.  If the roads or weather are bad please be cautious and safe on your way to the farm.  Use your best judgement.  Or reschedule to a different day when we’ll have more trees and reservation spots opened up.