(opening Nov. 20th, 2021)
Monday-Thursday, 12-7pm
Friday-Sunday, 9am-7pm
(Cut-Your-Own Fields Close At 4:30pm)

10970 43rd Street North
Lake Elmo, MN 55042
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Latest News

Hello!  We hope you’re as excited as we are for the upcoming season.  We will open on Saturday, November 20th!

Cut-Your-Own Reservations

Starting in 2021 we will no longer have pre-season pre-tagging.  We are transitioning to early season cutting reservations, meaning you can reserve time to cut your tree early in the selling season.  You will still get the best selection of trees in the field, you will just select, cut, and purchase the tree in the first part of the selling season (instead of tagging before the season then coming back later to harvest). 

Here is the link to the CUT-YOUR-OWN RESERVATION SYSTEMPlease contact us if you have any questions.  Thank you!

Step 1:  Reserve a time slot between November 19-24th.  Starting November 25th reservations are not required as availability will be TBD.  Please review the tree availability chart below. Some species and heights may have limited selection. 

Step 2:  Arrive to the farm on your reserved date/time to pick and cut your tree.  Please check in at the Welcome/Info kiosk.

Why are you changing from pre-tagging?  We realize these changes in process and timing may not work for everyone.  It is the best solution to some of the issues we’ve had with pre-tagging (lost trees, no-shows, lost tags, impact to non-taggers, etc) and increasing cut-your-own demand.  It also balances the customer volume (traffic, parking, lines, safety) and eliminates the carbon footprint of a second trip out to the farm for hundreds of families. 

Will we still get the best trees?  Yes, you will still get the best selection as with pre-tagging. 

Do we need a reservation?  Yes, a reservation will be needed to cut-your-own tree between November 20-24th.  Starting November 25th reservations are not required as tree availability will be TBD.  A reservation allows you to select a time that is convenient for you and less busy at the farm (better parking, shorter lines, fewer people, shorter checkout, faster tie-on, etc).  It also helps us balance our staffing levels, reduce crowds, and increase staff safety.

When will reservations open?  The registration link opened on Sunday, September 26th.  It was advertised on our social media starting on September 8th.

Do you open November 19 or 20?  Our main opening day for both cut-your-own and pre-cuts is Saturday the 20th.  However, we’ve opened a few time slots for cut-your-own on the 19th so we can work out any “last minute” parts of our process before the first big day on the 20th.

What if we don’t want to set the tree up until later?  You can keep it baled and store it in the shade until you’re ready to make a fresh cut and set it up.  If you are not able to make a fresh cut you can put the trunk of the tree in water (bucket, tree stand, etc) in your garage and then bring inside when you are ready.  With either approach a well-watered tree will last until Christmas.  

Will the tree not last as long if cut earlier in the season?  Cutting a tree later doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fresher or longer lasting.  It may seem counter-intuitive, but when a tree is cut it goes dormant and retains its moisture.  When it remains in the field the pores remain open and can dry out quicker.  The key factor is how it’s taken care of after cutting, not necessarily when it is cut (unlike cut flowers, for example).  In comparison, most of our pre-cut trees are cut the week before the season opens and they will last through Christmas.  

Will reservations also be needed for pre-cut trees in the tree lot?  Pre-cut tree reservations will be highly recommended but not required from November 20th-December 5th.  The primary reason for this is to balance crowds and traffic and the farm. 

Here is the link to the PRE-CUT TREE RESERVATION SYSTEM (trees in our lot)Please contact us if you have any questions.

Thanks for your understanding and support!  If you have further questions please contact us.

2021 Tree Availability

Here are this year’s tree quantities and sizes.  This will be updated throughout the selling season.  With an 8-10 year growth cycle there are many factors that impact yearly harvests.  We will have plenty of trees this year but fewer Frasers than usual, especially in the 8’+ heights.  We will have a strong supply of Balsam (better fragrance and lower price point).

-Tree Types-
Average Price/Foot for 7′-8′ Tree*
(7% tax incl)
Quantity of
Trees Available
Quantity of
Trees Available
Balsam Fir $11-$12 / ft High 9′ High 12′
Canaan Fir $12-$13 / ft High 9′ High 12′
Fraser Fir $13-$14 / ft Medium 8′ Medium 12’+
Korean Fir $13-$14 / ft Low 8′ Medium 9′
Siberian Fir $13-$14 / ft Low 7′ Low 9′
White Pine $10-$11 / ft Medium 9′ High 9′
Scotch Pine $10-$11 / ft Medium 9′
Norway Pine $10-$11 / ft Medium 9′
* Prices/foot increase for trees above 9′ tall
Trees are priced individually based on height and shape


Thank You For Supporting Us!

We always welcome your feedback & thoughts on the farm & your experiences.  Even after 67 years in business we’re always looking for ways to improve!  Please email us with anything you’d like to share.  You can also give us anonymous feedback.  Remember to tag & follow us on InstagramFacebook with #kruegerschristmastreefarm.  Thank you!

We are a working farm with inherent risks and dangers.  If you have questions or need special assistance please contact us.

“Under MN law, an agritourism professional is not liable for any injury to or the death of a participant in an agritourism activity if the injury or death results from an inherent risk associated with the agritourism activity”
(MN Statute 604A.40)

We are committed to providing a safe, healthy environment for customers, staff, and visitors.

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A trip to our working tree farm is a complete tree experience and fun for the whole family.

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As farmers and global citizens, we are strong believers in sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

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