Christmas Trees

Fresh-Cut or Cut-Your-Own

The trees at our farm can be purchased in two ways:

Fresh Cut

Our pre-cut trees are neatly displayed around our tree lot.  We can display over 200 trees at any time.  Our fresh-cut tree lot is lighted so you can shop after dark. 

Choose & Cut

We also offer a choose-and-cut option in our fields.  The trees that are for sale are marked individually with a tag indicating the species, height, and price. 

Each year we select a limited amount of trees to be cut.  This helps ensure that we have more trees for future years.  Please check out our Homepage for current updates on choose-and-cut availability and selection.

Tree Prices

All of our trees are priced individually based on the height, species, and quality of the tree.  Prices are listed on our homepage.  The prices are generally the same for pre-cut and choose-and-cut trees.  Read more about the Farm Experience for additional information on what the tree price includes.

Types of Trees

We offer many different types of trees.  Our primary species are Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir, and Canaan Fir.  We also commonly have White Pine, Scotch Pine, and Norway Pine most years, depending on our crop rotations.  Please see our homepage species and quantities available each year.  We are also continually exploring and selling new tree species.  These trees, often called “exotics”, include Siberian Fir and Korean Fir.

Selecting a Tree

Selecting the “right” Christmas tree is different for each customer.  The “right” tree is dependent by a number of different factors.  Generally those factors boil down to the correct height (measure your ceilings beforehand!), how long you want the tree to last, what your budget is, what type of ornaments you have, and tree style preference (full, thin, open, wide).  Ask us what tree is right for YOU!

Here are some common characteristics and photos of the trees we sell.  The types of trees we sell each year depends on our crop rotations so please review our Info Sheet or homepage for what’s available each season.

Balsam Fir

  • Balsams are generally the most popular tree. 
  • They have short dark green needles that are soft to the touch. 
  • Balsams have the strongest pine scent. 
  • Needle retention is good to excellent. 
  • Balsam branches are strong and can support many types and weights of ornaments.

Fraser Fir

  • Frasers are known as the “cadillac” of Christmas trees. 
  • They have the best needle retention and great smell, but are generally priced higher than other species. 
  • The branches of Frasers are commonly more “open” and are quite strong, making them a good choice for ornaments. 
  • Frasers also have soft, dark green needles with a silvery underside.

Canaan Fir

  • Canaans are relatively new to the tree market. 
  • They can be best desribed as a cross between a Balsam and a Fraser. 
  • Canaans have a strong fragrance like the Balsam but also have good needle retention like a Fraser. 
  • The needles are very similar to Frasers in terms of color and pattern.

White Pine

  • White Pines have soft branches and needles. 
  • The needles are considered to be “long” (2″-4″). 
  • White Pines are generally “full” in terms of tree thickness. 
  • They also have a great pine scent and excellent needle retention.


Norway Pine

  • The Norway Pine is State Tree of Minnesota. 
  • It has long, dark green needles. 
  • Norways are commonly full in shape and have strong branches. 
  • They also have excellent needle retention.


There are several new tree species that we have begun planting.  The two primary species are the Siberian Fir and Korean Fir.  

The Siberians have soft needles and a distinctive “citrus” and pine smell. 

The Koreans have rich green needles and often have branches with multiple layers.  Both of these firs have excellent needle retention. 

Other varieties will be coming in the near future!