Plant a Seedling

“He who plants a tree has faith in the future”

Spring is a season of rebirth and renewal.  It is no different at the Krueger Farm!  For every tree that was harvested during the Christmas season we plant 2-3 in its place. 

Each spring’s new plantings will be nurtured and cared for over the next decade.  It takes approximately 8-10 years to grow a tree from seedling to harvestable size.  During that time the trees will be mulched, weeded, irrigated as needed, pruned, and sheared every year.  It is certainly a lesson in patience and hard work!

Throughout their time in our fields the trees will provide habitat for birds and animals, wind protection, prevent soil erosion, and provide visual beauty for the community. 

Most importantly, the trees will provide clean air for us to breath!  Each tree will convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.  Trees in general are a critical component of our ecosystem!