Tree Care

“Take care of the earth and she will take care of you.” – Author Unknown

After making your tree purchase, there are a few important steps to ensuring the longevity of your tree through the Holiday season.

Proper Storage

If you don’t set up your tree right away, make sure you store it in a shady location and away from heat sources.  Also, keep your tree wrapped in the netting to protect the tree.

Make a Fresh Cut

When you are ready to set up your tree, don’t forget to make a fresh cut at the bottom!  This should be a minimum of about 2″.  This is critical to allowing your tree to drink the most water.  The tree should be set up and placed in water as soon as possible, but within a few hours is okay.  Let us know if you want a fresh cut at the farm, we’ll gladly do it for you.

Watering Your Tree

After you tree is set up, fill the bowl in the stand full of luke-warm water.  This will help open the tree’s pores so that it can start drawing water.  It is important to closely monitor the water level in the stand, especially during the first 24 hours.  Your tree may drink several gallons of water during this time.  Don’t let the water go dry!  If the water runs dry, the tree’s pores may close up and it may not draw water again unless another fresh cut is made.  Keep an eye on it!

Continue to watch the water level in the stand and fill as needed.  Don’t be alarmed if your tree does not drink a lot of water.  Some trees will drink many gallons of water and trees may not.  It largely depends on the type of tree, soil moisture in the fields, the temperature and humidity in your home, and individual variation among trees.

Tree Recycling

We strongly encourage all of our customers to recycle their tree at the end of the holiday season.  Many cities will pick up your tree and chip it into mulch.  If your city or garbage hauler does not have a tree recycling program, please return your tree to our farm!  We will recycle your tree into wood chips.

The wood chips will be used for mulch around the next generation of Christmas trees in our field.  The chips will help retain moisture near the tree and reduce the soil temperature.  It is the perfect way to return your tree to the environment and not a landfill or incinerator!

We also suggest setting your tree up in your backyard or deck during the cold months after the holiday season.  The tree will act as a protective environment for birds, squirrels, and other wildlife.  You can then bring your tree back to the farm in the spring to be recycled!