How to Grow a Tree

“You just put the tree in the ground and cut it a few years later, right?”

The process of growing a field of trees is not as simple as it may seem.  It takes an immense amount of planning, preparation, patience, resources, and lots of hard work!


A field of trees is generally started by first pulling all of the stumps from the previous year’s harvest.  The stumps must be pulled or else there is a risk of disease to the new plantings.  After pulling and hauling the stumps and roots, the field is plowed, disked, and then tilled.

The next step is to measure and mark the rows for the new seedlings.  Meanwhile, the roots on the seedlings need to be trimmed.  After trimming, each tree is planted using a tree planter pulled behind a tractor.  We then mulch each tree with woodchips to retain soil moisture.


Every summer each tree needs to be sheared.  This process makes sure that each tree grows straight and into a beautiful shape.  Summertime is also a season for mowing and tilling between the rows of trees, monitoring for any diseases or bugs, and irrigating the trees as necessary.  And also pray for more rain!  Finally, any equipment or building repairs need to be made.


Fall is the time for preparing for the next tree season.  Each tree that will be harvested needs to be marked and priced.  The tree lot also needs to be updated and set up.  After the trees are harvested, they are shaken and put on display in the tree lot.  Other tasks include making wreaths, setting up lights, creating signs, and ordering supplies.


Winter is spent recovering from the previous season, planning for the next year, and making any repairs to equipment or buildings.