Opening Saturday before Thanksgiving (11/21/20)
Monday-Thursday, 12-7pm
Friday-Sunday, 9am-7pm
(Cut-Your-Own Fields Close At 4:30pm)

10970 43rd Street North
Lake Elmo, MN 55042
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4452 Lake Elmo Ave North
Lake Elmo, MN 55042

COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

The ongoing pandemic has altered many parts of our lives but we hope the tree farm experience and beautiful Christmas tree in your home will provide a sense of normalcy, togetherness, and unity for your family and friends.  Krueger’s Christmas Tree Farm is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our customers, staff, and visitors.  To ensure we have a safe and healthy workplace, we have developed the following COVID-19 Preparedness Plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Our family, staff, and customers all have responsibility for helping execute this plan.  Our goal is to mitigate the potential for transmission of COVID-19 and maintain safety and health at our farm and community.  We have developed this plan through guidance from the CDC, MN Dept of Agriculture, National Christmas Tree Assoc., MN Grown, MN Nursery & Landscape Assoc., MN Dept of Labor & Industry, and other sources.  This plan is rooted in scientific consensus and information, not political perspectives.

We’ve worked hard to continue many of the farm activities and experiences you’ve enjoyed in previous years.  However, in several cases we have altered how you’ll experience them this year with an eye toward safety (details below).  We sincerely thank you and want to provide a tree to your family this year but you and your family’s safety is our first priority.  Thus, if you still feel uncomfortable with any of the activities please refrain from participating in them. 

*** These policies and plans are subject to change as new information becomes available ***

Before Arriving

If anyone in your group has Covid-19 or related symptoms or have been exposed to anyone with those conditions in the last 14 days please stay away from the farm.

Parking Lot

We have expanded the parking lot area and improved the driving surfaces.  This has increased the available parking spots and improved drivability.  Please maintain social distancing.

Face Masks

Although most of the farm activities are outside we still highly recommend that customers wear masks at all times.  This is for your safety as well as others around you.  Our staff will wear face masks or neck buff/gaiter when within 6 feet of others. 

Welcome Kiosk

The welcome kiosk is now closer to the parking lot.  This will help inform customers quicker upon arrival and separate them faster by diverting them to the cut-your-own fields or pre-cut lot area.  We will have a greeter on peak days to answer questions.  We’ve also added larger info signs to the kiosk and will have paper handouts available to reduce congregating in this area.  Additionally, you can choose to watch a short video on your smart phone upon arrival (more info in next section).

Informational Videos

We like to explain and teach as much as we can at the farm.  Despite the distancing restrictions this year we still wanted to liven up your experience.  Thus, we’ve created several short videos that highlight different areas of the farm.  There will be some wooden stands with a QR code on them.  Just scan the QR code with your phone camera and the video will open. 

Hand Sanitizer Stations

We will have hands-free hand sanitizer stations around the tree lot.  The main ones will be located near the welcome/information kiosk and on the south side of the warming house (near the checkout and restrooms). 

“To-Go” Trees

We will offer “To-Go” trees for customers that want to limit their shopping time at the farm.  Our staff will hand-pick a limited quantity of premium trees (above average shape, density, etc) in a limited number of sizes (likely 7’-9’).  They will be pre-shaken and bailed.  Just inform one of our staff in the red coats and they will assist you.

Wagon Rides

We plan to have wagon rides but we will limit the number of people on each wagon.  The wagons will be divided into sections using dividers on the benches.  The route is shorter than last year based on where the cut-your-own fields are this year.  This will increase the frequency of loops but there may be longer wait lines for the rides due to fewer people on each wagon.


We have decided not to have Santa this year.  This was a very hard decision but it was a less-essential place where people would normally congregate and we could not create a safe place to interact with Santa.

Warming House

Unfortunately we plan to close the warming house for this season as it’s a small indoor space.  As an alternative, we will add a 2nd fire pit near the Warming House with benches 6-feet apart to create an open-air and socially distanced place to relax.

We will, however, use the warming house area for check-out/cashiers.  Cashiers will be on the inside and customers will pay outside through the windows.  The payment stations will be 6 feet apart.  The windows will provide a barrier between the customer and the cashier.  We request that only 1 person from your family pay to reduce the number of people in line.  Our cashiers will wear facemasks or neck buff/gaiter and use disinfectant sprays and wipes on working surfaces.  We will accept credit or debit cards only to eliminate potential risks through handling of cash and checks.  (Note:  We looked at several fully online payment options but none best fit our business model and pricing system.  We’ve created a hybrid online pay model that we may use on peak days.)


We will not have hot cider this season.  Based on our current facilities we are not able to safely serve cider.


Unfortunately we will not have the teepee or reenactor this season.  It is a small indoor space and we are not able to make it safe. 

Tree Barn

The tree barn will be closed to customers this year (tree prep only).  Check-out will be at the warming house.

Tie-On Area

We will continue to tie trees on customer vehicles this year.  Our staff will wear a face mask or neck buff/gaiter when within 6 feet of customers and vehicles.  Please stay in your vehicle.  Place your tree tag on your driver-side wiper blade instead of handing to us.  Please have your receipt ready.